SClliLA SseLa
napisi ok WSVyN Solgco
tit oklilico
StaL i iLaoL akaStho
[write about raising sun]

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jel oko koisceco llto koloc cLSnaLa
lyUN PooT zzzC napisi sCcLa oko ZzzC
Napisis iUN sihna otLace tobLaO

o oiceLa oceLiZZcliClitruzc

PcacoLa PZCLA okoLCa ocolZSclCcsiZ
o oi ca³ac celZCci iclltruzc pcoLacLa

..pisZcLa. SriZcaLa, zriZziLa

[this is really phonetic alphabet but for wild:) slovic sounds)
[some sounds are represented by more than one letter
as mouth action is required to reproduce it.
not to mention melody
also the possibility to represent letters is limited
but the poetic harmony and overall meaning is coherent]

zizN there is really maestry on this page of the various sounds
how to live bound together .

Related to how to difficult is to make zizn (language?)
This part is perhaps most similar to Ukrainian language.
I start record so listening back show how difficult is this language
to correctly pronounce.
I can't see a reason why from other language such difficulties can be
inherited. What i
deduct is the original sound and/or silent voiceless szcz speech.

Also i like note that this language creation chapter may be
interpreted as word creation.
What was on beginning? Word? Which one U. but this is just more
developed my
previous Hip. So somebody have to review it critically as may point
of view is shadow by
previous thought. I like note that this is quite logical chain
of "accidents" und illogical
sentences. And please take into consideration that this may be hard
to swallow for many
of people so at least be nice. (and this is only interpretation)

_.._ _o_ _i_