is just geometrical constructio
words(the other cahr will be big so esier 4utored)
scieL =perpendicular
osC = radius?
wnesi implication
napisi = eaqual

and just look at your keybord
latin characters but why slavic names 4 lettres
W wnizu, wniju -intu
M miEdzy ,miezdu -betwen
K ku -coming to
A female the all a ending leters upper closed, bare legs male
N na -on

just the latin characters are upside down . but the, how we name it ?
i propose zacki are more condensed

s c are naturaly tongelogical
tonge don E
tonge up A
and the same if short small dot ur up zawijas depending on the
melodic intensity of required sound.
wibration R
going up L Ł
down V
and this (.) oko (. ok .) ko

and this is definietly nothern
the sun rise on righ
not like mideterenian left
why? erly morning. They look face to north
and winter time. siting in piele_szcze

did they i should say we!
did they get to not or nothing
as i did ?

_.._ _o_ _i_