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> [slaw] Yes, that common believes. But it giving 65 -3.5 =61.5k us
to develop writing systems. Isn't strange?
strange or not strange? q4

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> [davius] The writting was developed in at least 4 regions
independently: China, Middle East, Mesoamerica, Easter Island. Mainly
this systems were associated to practical reasons: stock control,
commemorative inscriptions, temple accounts, etc, etc (except in
China, where it seems that the adinatory practices where important
for the development of writting). If you see at the origin of the
earlier writting systems you can see that all are activities related
to administrative activities and the existence of earlier
civilizations required the existence of a Neolithic economy. In ~65K
there was no developed agricultural system and thus the societies had
Paleolithic economies. The writting emerges with the earlier
centrized administrations!

(It does not depends on intellectual capabilities, but on economical

> [davius]


economical organization
does not depends
on intellectual capabilities
statment form a to b .
is it true? i say no
do you agree ? q1

C what is varable IT?
if it = writing system?
writing system
does not depends
on intellectual capabilities
is that what u postulate [davius]?
do you agree ? q2

"developed in at least 4 regions independently"
in the period of 61.5k y
So what is the reason for independent synchronization?

Im e litle lost. Maybe im in error but where? q3