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Gönderme tarihi: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 6:09 AM
Konu: Abdullah

I don't know why my computer flips into save mode and has to be shut down
every time I try to comment on one of these topics. So here is a separate

Re: atone.
In Abdullahs message it is derived from Turkish. However, it is no different
from all the other thousands of English words which have a descriptive
shorthand sentence in Basque hidden in the letters.

Atone is agglutinated from two Basque words starting with ato and one:
atondu - onezkoak
to make up/to arrange - reconciliation
"The arrange reconciliation."

And indeed, Webster defines "to atone" as "reconciliation".
There is no Turkish magic involved, just the simple linguistic "VCV
vowel-interlocking formula".

Edo Nyland,