His book on the "Aryans".

John wrote:
Mark Hubey wrote

> I think like "culture" this definition should be buried especially
> since it comes from Gordon Childe!
> He is not exactly a paragon of virtue when it comes to race matters.

Mark, I have trouble understanding what you mean here.  Vere Gordon
Childe's arguments for the definition of an archaeological culture
were based on shared social characteristics and material culture
rather than race or biological type.  He was strongly critical of
the "racialist" theiories of the Social Darwinians, particularly of
the rise of fascism.  In addition, he had a considerable moral
repugnance towards Victorian anthropology and its role in the rise of
fascist ideology in the 1930s, and his approach caused the argument
over racial explanations to be sidelined and eventually dismissed.

Can you explain what you mean by "not a paragon of virtue on race



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Mark Hubey