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Subject: Re: [Nostratica] Re: goddesses

> Abdullah Konushevci wrote:

> > As far as I know Turkish, the word for <grandmother> in Turkish is
> > <büyükanne>, compound formed by adjective <büyük> 'big, grand' and
> > <anne> 'mother'. But, it could by that by reduplication of the stem
> > <anne+anne> it means also <grandmother>. I think that reduplication
> > is also characteristic for familiar dictionary: mama, papa, tata, but
> > it didn't attach the meaning, having just the expressive function.
Mark Hubey wrote:

> They are both used. I think buyukanne is a later (invented?) word but I
> am not sure.

It sounds like a calque on the West European system. Is that what you
meant by 'invented'?