At 16:07 24.07.03 +0000, John wrote:
> > Urartuan speakers. In the Sumerian language it appears the Proto-
> > Euphrateans finished up as the servant/servitor/slave to the
> > Sumerian upper class. The Sumerians gave these people the name
> > Subartu, and replenished their numbers by raids northwards or
> > trading for slaves from Ashur, who would raid the Subartu people
> > nearby (who would have spoken a language cognate with the Proto-
> > Euphrateans of the south). I believe, that before it was

In such a scenario, where would the Sumerians have come from?

Actually, the "e pluribus unum" idea they might have been present in the
area since long before has a similarly structured problem, namely
identifying which advantage a bunch of hunter-gatherers from the marches
should have taken over a neolithic culture?

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