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> > Alas I am an amateur and post commensurate with my status. That
> > doesn't, however, diminish my enjoyment of the group. I am
> familiar
> > with Latin and Greek to some extent, but my real interest is
> > and the early connections with PIE.
> Do you have any ideas regarding "Uralic and the early connections
> with PIE"? If so, what are they?
> - Rob

I don't have "ideas" so much as curiosity, about some of the deepest
loans into, or from, Uralic. Some words appear in Altaic, PIE, and
Uralic. The question, which is very difficult to answer is are these
old words inherited, or borrowed. The direction of borrowing
generally is given from PIE, but not all sources agree and new
etymologies appear as knowledge accumulates.

Because I am familiar with Finnish and because Finnish borrows
extensively from IE, I just have a curiousity about words that appear
to be similar to English, Latin, or Greek words that I know. Also
the grammar and morphology of those languages interests me so I just
like to find valid connections. Presumably at a deep enough level
there are inherited connections.

Peter P