From: "Gerry" <waluk@...>
Sent: Saturday, June 28, 2003 3:20 AM
Subject: [Nostratica] Hello Guys

> Why are you posting the stuff you have gathered when Piotr, the true
> intellectual, has left the list.

a) Piotr joined the original Nostratic as a disbeliever, in his own words,
as a 'devil's advocate'. It was never Piotr's property; he was a reserve

If the level of discussion rises, Piotr _might_ even return. However, he
has his hands full with Cybalist. I hope his day job isn't suffering. He
was recently hit by at least three waves of what _he_ probably regarded as
low grade postings - Austronesian, Cybalist and Nostratic. You saw others
leave Austronesian, and you should remember gLeN's complaints about the
'tsunami' on Cybalist.

The key point about Piotr is that he seems unable to let incorrect
assertions pass unchallenged. That's very helpful for the rest of us, but
must be quite draining for him.

b) I think the professors on this group (how many? 3? 4? more?) will be
offended at being described as 'not true intellectuals'. I too am offended,
though I merely hold a doctorate.

> This is most disturbing and I would
> like an answer before I disband this group.

Shouldn't you let the group die before you disband it? Better still, why
not leave it until Yahoo kill it?

Gerry, if you have lost interest in the group, let me know, and I'll
shoulder the administrative burden. New members may have to wait longer
before joining, but that's tough.