Rob wrote:
--- In, "H.M. Hubey" <hubeyh@...> wrote:
> changes p>t>k and p>b>m could have taken place and
> could have taken place long time ago. This seems like a
> Nostratic matter.  In the CVC syllable the two C's
> changed independently.
> ...............H E R M E S
> ...............M E R C U R Y

First of all, a sound change p>t>k is extremely rare, if it ever
happens at all. 
If it did happen, it would have happened over such a long time that it would be
difficult to catch. Work on these problems has barely begun.

For example, Akkadian ep (to do), Turkic et (to do), Chuvash tu (to do). Now
Turkic has an ancient causative -k (yak, yIk, tOk, etc). I gave examples before,
e.g. yan/yak, etc.  This could simply be *ya-et > *ya-ek > yak.  Strangely enough
Turkish also has yap (to do).

The other change is more likely, but I still dobut
it.  Second, the proper Latin word is Mercurius.  So, I think your
analysis is very flawed.

- Rob

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