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> >Happened to have been sitting
here when your message came
through. If Jersey, Guernsey and
> >Man are in fact not formally a
part of the U.K. then are they part
of Great Britain?
> Great Britain is one island.
Other islands cannot be "part of

> The Isle of Man is one of the
British Isles. Jersey and Guernsey
> (together with some smaller ones)
are the Channel Islands.
I would reckon Anglesey, the Isle
of Wight, the Hebrides and even the
Shetland Isles as part of Great

> >If not, are the autonomous?
> Yes. They are autonomous Crown
Moreover, the Isle of Man and the
Channel Isles have no
representation in the UK parliament
and, like Greenland and the
Faeroes, are not part of the
European Union.