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learning about Nostratic
> > Bomhard's work is the current
Bible in Nostratic studies. And
> > of what has been posted to
this list is according to Bomhard.
> > also like to recommend the
following to Andy:
> >
> > Valery Alekseev (Alexeev)
also covers Language Origins in
> 7-
> > 9.
> But treat the sections on race,
language, and on language and
> groupings, with caution. A lot
of those bits needs further work,
> some bits are plain wrong.
> Richard.
> Interesting comments Richard.
Could you perhaps explain further?
Are you perhaps a race denier (no
problem if you are since that's the
current position of many scholars
except perhaps for J. Philippe
Rushton). Now about language and
ethnic groupings -- are you taking
the position that all groups were
mostly mixed even in the 1st
millennium? I'd be interested in
hearing more from you, especially
if you give specifics.
Much of the section on these
groupings is clearly labelled as
uncertain. However, the section on
the classification of Iranian is
not. It lists at the same level
both the group of Persian dialects
and individual Persian dialects,
such as Tajik.
It is not true to say that Welsh is
spoken in the south of England and
English is spoken in the north.
You seem not to appreciate that
'Anatolian' is ambiguous - it may
mean pertaining to the
geographicalarea of Asia Minor
orto the languages related to