Hello Andy,

Here's a link which might work for you concerning Nostratic:

The recommended book is edited by Wisconsin and Ohio State scholars
and deals with whether or not Nostratic existed.


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> Hello:
> My name is Andy Howey. I live in Campbell, California, and I am a
> former military "linguist". The languages on which I primarily
> focused were German and Russian, but I've had some exposure to
> languages (Dutch, Low Saxon, Czech, Serbo-Croatian).
> I started reading about Nostratic on the Net about five or six years
> ago and was intrigued with the idea. Prior to that, back in the
> 80's, I had read a couple of books, the titles and authors of which
> no longer remember, one positing a connection between Semitic and
> Indo-European and the other positing a connection between Uralic and
> Indo-European. I seem to recall also having read something about a
> connection of Altaic with either Uralic and/or Indo-European during
> that time frame.
> I was wondering if somebody could recommend one or more fairly
> books that cover Nostratic or Eurasiatic so that I can get "caught
> up", so to speak, and better understand any discussions that happen
> this list. If there are any books available on any of the other
> proposed macro-familiies (SIno-Caucasian (or Dene-Sino-Caucasian),
> Amerind, Afro-Asiatic, etc.), I would really appreciate getting
> information about those, as well.
> Thank you very much in advance:
> Andy Howey