>Cyril remains absolutely incommunicado; I have no idea if he's still alive.
I wonder if we should not establish an alternative Nostratic list. Not that
I volunteer to moderate it, since I'm already responsible for Cybalist
(though I have no full control of its settings, which is frustrating
enough), but perhaps someone else is willing. I cases like the present one
there's probably no way to get rid of spammers short of a complete exodus
from the place infested by them.


>Did I tell you I sent him a note on his personal email mail (he didn't get
back to me). Well, if no one is interested in moderating a new Nostratic
list, I'll be pleased to volunteer (not that I know very much about the
subject but I could keep the spammers out). Let me know.

That sounds an excellent idea - I for one would support it.

Jean Kelly