>Depends on one's definition of "culture" [...]

What _is_ your definition anyways?

>A culture cannot exist without a language (or some form
>of communication).

Ugh, Gerry. Have you taken ethnology before? Please take
a course. From what I understand culture to mean, the
following site at the University of Minnesota...

... seems to describe it as I was taught: "Culture is
defined as the shared patterns of behaviors and
interactions, cognitive constructs, and affective
understanding that are learned through a process of

According to this definition, primates other than humans
have culture because they are capable of learning and
sharing patterns of behaviours, interactions, etc! Yet
no "language" (at least not in the human sense of the
term, complete with a phonological system and grammar).

Gerry, you're just wrong. Culture and language are
seperate entities in human studies that MAY OR MAY NOT
correlate with each other.

- gLeN

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