>Good to see we agree on something there Glen. And what location do
>you see as Nostratic's Urheimat?

I now think Nostratic was spoken in Southern Texas... hehe.
No, seriously folks. Obviously it's either East Africa or the
Middle-East but before the homeland can be accurately defined,
we need to understand the language itself.

>I see a problem with your tree Glen. What time span do you put along
>the horizontal axis (or if you want to avoid something as "crude" as
>time - what is your "linguistic difference" scale)? According to
>what you have drawn the most recent separation is between NW
>Caucasian and Na Dene,

As I said, my ideas are a little different now. NWC should be
next to Hattic and part of "Abadha" (c.7000 BCE). From there
Na-Dene, the ancestor of Abadha, SinoTibetan and NaDene would
be approximately 10,000 BCE. Hurro-Urartian would be maybe
3000 BCE, while the ancestor of HU and NEC (Caucasic) would be
dated to 9000 BCE. At any rate, the diagram is only meant to
give a very vague impressionistic idea of the time scale involved.
I never measured the pixels in exactitude.

>Apart from that, and one small detail - I feel the Amerind languages
>are possibly closer to your "Dene Caucasian" than to "Asiatic".
>Certainly that would appear to be the case on the archaeological and
>genetic evidence that you don't like considering Glen. At such a
>deep time, every piece of evidence needs to be considered.

Yes but you still have a logical problem with proving that this
evidence does indeed need to be considered or whether it only
provide us guidance at best. Sorry. And we are talking about
linguistics so if you have any LINGUISTIC points to make that show
that Amerind languages are closer to DeneCaucasian than with
Asiatic, be my guest.

- love gLeN

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