>I'm afraid that I fit this description only too well! (Seriously: I really
>know very little about linguistics).

That's forgivable as long as there is an earnest desire to learn
more. Really what I mean is that there are many people particularly
on lists like Nostratic which don't even want to learn. They have
their own ideas and stick with them for ten years even though
their ideas are problematic or flat out contradictory to all known
evidence. That's really what I mean.

>Well, could I just ask this?

No, how dare you ask a question >:P Just joking.

>Why is the name Noah so similar to the names of other flood-heroes
>and ancestor-heroes to be found worldwide: Noj in central Asia Noj; Nuwa,
>or Nu [...]

Well, I can't verify the existence of all those names, but you
have to realise that christianity has spread worldwide and this
might account for some of the names. Logically, it would take
far too long for a particular myth to traverse the globe.

- gLeN

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