>Hi ya Glennie,

Winkin' back atcha, Gerry.

>>Maybe it's just the onions you're slicing.
>No don't think so. It's only one slice for my tomato sandwich.

Then, perhaps you ate some onions earlier.

>>No firm date. I'd guestimate something on the order of
>>40,000 to 60,000 years. But this is certainly still not
>>the "first language". Think of it as the language of
>>one of Mitochondrial Eve's descendents.
>Oh? This puts it somewhere in the middle of Neanderthal (Mousterian) but
>the dates differ for geographic locations:

Yes, however the location I'm thinking of is in the area of
southern Asia or the Middle-East.

>We'll, since we've just about ditzed Neanderthal (I happen to
>agree with Brace)and since proto-Nostratic mothers must have sung lullabies
>to their children, I think I'll also disagree with Bomhard.

As usual, I don't follow your strange interpretation of logic.

>In one of your last posts you mentioned pronouns in "Dene-Asiatic"
>as consisting of human, animate, and inanimate. Would you kindly
>give more information about this?

Read carefully. I was speaking of Nostratic. At any rate I feel that
Dene-Asiatic had word class prefixes and that Nostratic had lost
them while still retaining gender.

>BTW, if you're nice, I'll share my tomato sandwich (with one
>slice of onion).

Get out the Pepto Bismol.

- gLeN

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