>AFAIK, there haven't really been any messages on the Nostratic list for
>quite some weeks now.

That's because Nostratic has now been completely solved. It's true. There's
no need for the forum anymore because they're is nothing to talk about now.
All is solved. :)

Actually, this quiet period happens regularly on more obscure subjects such
as Nostratic where there are not enough people who really know enough about
it. There are a lot of people who register themselves up for this subject
who are logically unreasonable and whose schizophrenic story-telling skills
are drawn to the mysteries of Nostratic like insects to a light. Plus,
Nostratic is a large subject to tackle even for the more disciplined
scholars because it requires the understanding of multiple language
families as well as a knowledge of more than one discipline besides
linguistics, such as anthropology or archaeology. Some people here don't
even have the linguistics down pat, let alone the rest.

Simple questions on Nostratic can be a great starting point to an
debate. Questions, anyone?

- gLeN

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