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> Yes! Now you see why genetics or archaeology cannot be relied on to tell
> us much about linguistics. Sure, there might be a correlation but there
> might not be. Who's to say? So we get back to the supposition and
> that you were bitching against.
> - love gLeN

Super. Genetics or archaeology can't tell us much about linguistics; with
that I am in agreement. So what can we use to define linguistics? You say
supposition and conjecture? No, I wasn't bitching about that! I thought
you were. I am in total agreement that only supposition and conjecture can
define linguistics; err, please allow me to use the qualifying term "past
linguistics". For the beginning of the third millennium; however, we can
record people, places and languages for a present day map of our language
families as we watch all languages begin to assimilate one within another.

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