>If so why nobody speaks about Cushitic linguistic family, Chadic
>linguistic family, Berber linguistic family etc. of the same
>tacsonomic rank as Indo-European family (the Sredny Stog culture
>existed as late as between 4400 BC and 3500 BC)?! Why the problem
>of fighting with conservators, who deny existing a real genetic
>relationship between different Afro-Asiatic branches, is not actual?

For one thing, Proto-Afro-Asiatic, as John points out, is thought
to have been spoken around 8000 BCE, while IndoEuropean is dated
to 4000 BCE. It only makes sense that the greater the time depth,
the greater the skepticism amongst the more conservative linguists.
That's why post-Ice-Age Nostratic, one of the oldest languages
that humankind has attempted to reconstruct, continues to struggle
for acceptance.

Plus, in comparison of the two language families, Indo-European
is by far more known, studied and understood. Chadic and Cushitic
are simpler harder to study up on because of the lesser amount
of resources on them in a typical library. At least, that was
_my_ experience at my university in Manitoba. Perhaps, others on
this list are more talented at finding what they need than I.

- love gLeN

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