>Tocharian A -(y)a:-p, B -e-pi [Gen.sg.] can be neither from Nom.
>*-bhos nor from Dat.pl. *-bhyos, because those would have given Toch
>*-pe. The form is in fact derived from a thematic adjectival
>accusative *-bhom > *-p(�),

Aha! I've finally managed to tease some actual factS out of
that stubborn, one-tracked brain of yours. It's not truely
derived from an adjectival ending as you claimed afterall. Instead,
at best, it's an "adjectival + accusative" combo...

And that's only by ASSUMING that the *-bh- element is actually the
adjectival ending... since you have yet to explain why it's not
from *-bhyom (case ending featuring *-�m , genitive plural)
instead of *-bhom (adjectival in the _accusative_ to convey the

>>However, we don't see a zero-graded root, as part of a larger
>>verbal or nominal paradigm, occuring by itself in a form in
>>reconstructed IE, as I say.
>You're simply wrong.

Miguel, the **tken theorist and Aleut wonderboy, tells me I'm
wrong. How convincing you are to us, always having thin to
nonexistant strands of justification to knit your logically
fragile views of linguistic change. As ever, I await your proof...

>In any case, *bhr-�-/*bhr-�- is a (syllabic) verbal stem, just as
>much as *h1�-bhr-, or *bh�-bhr-.

You still have trouble with the concept of "syllable", I see.

The thematic is not part of the verbal stem: Hence *bher-e-ti
(present) with the thematic, and *e-bher-t (past) without thematic
vocalism. The thematic vowel is treated as a suffix against the true
stem *bher-. Hence an aorist **bhr-�-m cannot exist because it is
part of the durative-aorist-perfect paradigm where *bher- is the
true verbal stem (*-e- only occurs in the present, remember??).

If the verb stem were *bhr-ax-, then yes, *bhr- could be
syllableless because *bhrax- is the verb stem that one will see
THROUGHOUT the durative-aorist-perfect paradigm. Further, its
zero-grade form still contains one syllable (*bhrx-).

Now, you've only offered marginal attestation of this **bhr-o-
form as a dialectal injunctive, created no doubt at a postIE date
to build up a new "affirmative-negative" contrast between forms
marked in *me: and those marked in *e-.

- gLeN

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