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> >SOV: Prinsiple: First list elements/properties, then make order.
> >me take an example using english words: The big boy the small ball
> >the wall over kicks. (The big boy kicks the small ball over the
> Is the article before the noun in most SOV languages?
> Marc


I have gone through a lot of grammars to make structural comparisons.
Actually, the question is difficult to answar, because most sov-
languages does not use any article. According to the sov-philosofy, I
think it should be before the noun. However, In the few sov-languages
where I have found articles, they are mostly placed after the noun.
(Some amerindian languages, old Georgian, Basque)

Articles are very common in vso-languages and often found in svo-
languages. In vso-languages it is often placed before the noun,
contrary to the general vso-philosofy. Examples: many semitic
languages, polynesian languages the romance languages (which have
very many vso-properties)