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> Knut:
> Eeeny-meeney-mynie-moe... SOV, I guess... I don't think anyone
> truely knows because it doesn't appear that Nostraticists have
> bothered themselves too much with grammatical comparison. Lots
> of nuts doing the typical, half ad-hoc vocabulary comparisons
> though.

Thanks for your answar.

I agree that steppe propably was of the sov-type. But then steppe has
to be compared with semittic/hamittic, and those languages are mostly
typicly VSO, they have some case endings, but use mostly prepositions.

I don`t think it is easy for a typical SOV-language to develope so
completely into a typical VSO-language. Therefore I think nostratic
probably was SVO, had case endings and also used prepositions.

In the Indo-european group there has been a development towards the
VSO-type, but this has been extreemely slow, and nowhere completed.

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