Anthony :
>(1) What is heppening with the Cybelist group (aboutn Indo-European)?
>It has been out of reach since at least yesterday.

Thanx for the update, people. I thought maybe it was a Nov.11TH
thing but the fact that the archives are no longer accessable,
and this List is normal, struck me as unusual.

>(2) People on another email group keep trying to find resemblances
>between Sumerian and Tamil. Is Sumerian related at all to the Elamo-
>Dravidian family?

It is thought by some (such as A.Bomhard for one) that Sumerian
and Elamo-Dravidian are particularly related to each other. I
also hold that view although I'm not convinced that Sumerian
and ED form a special subgroup of Nostratic.

Whatever the case, trying to find resemblances between a modern
language like Tamil and a 6000-year-old Sumerian will yeild
nothing more than false positives.

It would be more productive to compare similarities (of not
just vocabulary but grammar and more) between Proto-Dravidian
and Sumerian. Afterall, Proto-Dravidian has been securely
reconstructed and is more contemporaneous with Sumerian.

- love gLeN

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