I rest my case Glenny.  I shall defer to the experts  i.e. those who are well known in the field. 
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>Perhaps Glenny if you had published something you might be less bent
>out of shape when someone offers any type of criticism (all be it a
>gentle crit).

Your criticisms are unfocused and irrelevant to linguistics. Perhaps
you are projecting your hostile feelings towards your abusive father on to
At any rate, when I hear a valid _linguistic_ criticism, I'll be interested.
I'm not interested in personal attacks.

>Your thoughts are open for the taking but definitely not available for
>discussion, eah?

You have not discussed any of them yet. Only ad hominem after ad hominem. Do
you honestly care to discuss early stages of IE or any of my online
or are you still blowing more hot air? I'm still waiting for a real
discussion. Prior to this, you had trouble accepting that the view of
Etruscan being relatable to HurroUrartian is highly uncommon. What do you
think the common view is, by chance?

>Now why should I need to come up with a new name to describe a
>language family when many of the senior researchers have already
>presented several excellent alternatives?

Nothing stops you from doing anything. If you want to do a tightwire act
between two 20-storey buildings too, be my guest. The fact remains that
Eurasiatic is already a common term denoting a subbranch of Nostratic and
so while nobody is chaining you against a wall, most linguists will find
it hard to accept your new terminology - That's all. Go for it, if it makes
you feel good.