My grouping of Chuk-Kam and Esk-Aleut is a tentative suggestion.  Part of the problem is that there isn't really a reconstruction of either family, so the best we can do is a comparison of the extant languages.  (Starostin has a small number of reconstructed roots from Chukchi and Itelmen; can't vouch for its accuracy.)
Sibero-American, Sibero-Arctic, Sibero-Canadamerican, Beringo-Arctic....
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UralicYukaghir is already being used in the EncBrit and it seems
like a reasonable name enough. As for the smaller grouping of
ChukKam and EskAleut, I like to remain cautious. What are your
reasons for such a grouping? I do agree however that UY, EA and
CK are all part of a Boreal grouping because they appear to share
some peculiar features not seen in other Steppe languages (like
the loss of voiced stops, for instance).