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>You mentioned that on [tied], and I like that name. And you link >Altaic
>and Gilyak. Do you include Korean and Japanese with Altaic? >And
>Indo-Tyrrhenian implies Indo-European and Etruscan I reckon.

Yes, IndoTyrrhenian means IE on the one hand and Tyrrhenian languages
on the other. I think Korean represents the most archaic branch
of Altaic. Japanese and Ryuwhatchamacallit are nearer to the
Turkic, Mongolic and ManchuTungus branches. It's my general impression
however that Gilyak (aka Nivkh) is a SinoDene-ized language more
remotely related to Altaic (but NOT within the Altaic family itself).

>Also, if you're gonna use a Russian geographical term, we could >use
>"Proto-Tundra" for Chuk-Kam-Esk-Aleut and "Proto-Taiga" for

UralicYukaghir is already being used in the EncBrit and it seems
like a reasonable name enough. As for the smaller grouping of
ChukKam and EskAleut, I like to remain cautious. What are your
reasons for such a grouping? I do agree however that UY, EA and
CK are all part of a Boreal grouping because they appear to share
some peculiar features not seen in other Steppe languages (like
the loss of voiced stops, for instance).

Talk to me, Danny, I think we work well together ;)

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