Pat wrote

> Dear Danny:
> I subscribe to the view that Sumerian is a branch of Nostratic.
> I believe it is probable that Sumerian is an attempt, by
Caucasian-speaking people, to adapt to PAA.
> For some possible connections, you might want to visit:
> I do not know if this will be any more convincing to you but I would
be glad for your feedback.

Pat I tried to access the website you mentioned but could not get

Regarding your Caucasian origins for Sumerian understanding PAA, how
does this relate to Samuel Noah Kramer's belief regarding a substrate
language beneath Sumerian, particularly effecting River names,
geographic place names, agricultural words and major crafts? He
considers proto-Sumerian to be confined to governance, religious and
military spheres.

This would be typical of a "lugal" takeover by a military elite, as
Thorklid Jacobsen and Kramer both hypothesize occurred in the
transition from Ubaid to early Uruk phase.

Interested in the thoughts of anyone on these matters