> p t c k q (c = [tS], or c-hacek)
> v D j G R
> l
> L (= l-curl, the voiceless lateral fricative)
> m n N
> i u
> @
> a

Actually, maybe I'll say more (since I have nothing to do right
now) about the above phonology and how it would link with

As I said, the stop contrast was maintained in Boreal in the medial
position only where there was a contrast between *-k- and *-kk-, at
the very least (if not also fricatives). In initial position,
voiced stops merged first with the voiceless, followed by the merger
of the lenis-fortis contrast (*k/*k: > *k).

Now let's look above at the voiceless series in EA *[p t c k q].
This relates to an earlier *[p t k^ k q]. The phoneme *q is the
allophonic alternative of *k.

Now to the series *[v D j G R] where we see that this is the voiced
fricative version of the above series. While *[p t c k q] could occur
in all positions (except finally, I presume, where only vowels and
nasals existed, as in Modern Japanese), the fricative counterparts
could only occur medially, just like the geminates.

I don't believe that the nasal phoneme *N existed in Steppe
nor the Nostratic stages. Boreal developped this phoneme from
certain Steppe velars in medial positions.

Eg: Steppe *sirk:u "mouse" > Boreal *siNru
(We have *siNru instead of **sirqqu or **siqqru for
obvious reasons concerning the violation of the strict
rule of Boreal syllabics where only CV(N) is ever allowed)

The only phonemes whose origins (and proofs of existence) elude me
are the voiceless liquids that are being mentioned here. However,
I wouldn't doubt such a thing since this is common in the substratal
SinoDene languages...

In all then, I will display my Boreal phonology (version 1.0):

plain p t k q
geminate pp tt kk qq
fricative v D G R
lateral l
flap r
nasal m n N
sibilant s
semivowel w y

i u


On a final note, after thinking some more on this, I'm rather
surprised that the geminates are not being displayed here in the
EA phonology.

gLeNny gEe
...wEbDeVEr gOne bEsErK!

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