>p t c k q (c = [tS], or c-hacek)
>v D j G R
> l
> L (= l-curl, the voiceless lateral fricative)
>m n N
>i u
> @
> a

Now it's a voiceless lateral but no voiceless nasals... Me confused.

>Notice that voiceless stops, the only kind we got, match with voiced
>fricatives. Proto-Uralic and Proto-Dravidian have a similar system of such

Except... Uralic and Dravidian have similar phonologies by accident.
Those two groups are not closely related. Dravidian is being linked
to Elamite. However, it's clear that Uralic and EskimoAleut *are*
closely related.

Let's talk about Boreal phonology, folks. Boreal is my Steppe
subgrouping consisting of Uralic-Yukaghir, EskimoAleut and
ChukchiKamchatkan. This was the northern dialect area of Steppe
and so, if anything, I predict NaDene substrate influence on EA
and/or CK.

One commonality in the Boreal phonology is the merger of the
previous contrast of voiceless lenis (*k), voiceless fortis (*k:)
and voiced (*g). They all merge to plain *k. However, please note
that this merger only occured in initial position. In medial
position, the contrast was still maintained.

Another thing is the addition of a vowel to consonant-final words.

gLeNny gEe
...wEbDeVEr gOne bEsErK!

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