Coming out of hiding for a bit to ask a few questions.

First, John Halloran's work on Sumerian, which is available online at What is your opinion of this (and others' thoughts as well)?

I think I asked the question of Sumerian's possible relationship to Nostratic a
while back, and I might've mentioned Bomhard's belief that it was one branch of
Eurasiatic. But I'm seeing people propose an Elamite-Dravidian link. Another
website made a claim of a Sumerian-Cimmerian-Samarian phenomenon plus a list of
Sumerian-Latvian cognates (I'm pretty much automatically skeptical of things
like this, or Basque-Sumerian or whatever).

Finally, a non-Sumerian question: Starostin's online database includes a
Proto-Dravidian reconstruction, but his phonology is a bit unusual as it claims
voiceless-voiced stop pairs ("traditional" Dravidian indicates only voiceless),
as well as several alveolars instead of the one or two present in Tamil, Telugu

I haven't really been able to keep up with the current debate: first of all, I'm
getting way too many personal attacks here and that's an instant turn-off; just
wanted to let you know...

truth alone prevails

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