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> Thanks. I have access to both University Library of Amsterdam
aswell as
> Uppsala University. They do have loads of related books, but I was
> looking more for advice in the form of which titles and exactly
> what they cover. Would be most interested in books on reconstruction
> of those language families, like Beekes' on IE or Trask's on Basque.
> Also if someone knows of books dealing with Proto-Semitic that will
> do instead of AA.
> Harald

For Uralic: "The Uralic Languages" by Denis Sinor (ed.), 1986 I
believe, Brill, Leiden. Contains detailed chapters on the histories
of individual languages/language groups, contact situations and a
reconstruction of proto-Uralic vocabulary by Pekka Sammallahti.
The "Uralisches Etymologisches W├Ârterbuch" - three parts - contains
both certain and uncertain reconstructed forms from a lot of
different proto-language stages. Most elaborate source on PU lexicon.
A lot of the reconstructions seem to be controversial though so you
might use it together with Sammallahti's article mentioned above.

A lot of the reconstructed morphology is also detailed in the
different journals: one of the most important articles may be Juha
Janhunens "On the structure of proto-Uralic", 1982, Finnish-Ugrische
Forschungen 44 p. 23-42. It - like the other Uralic material - should
no doubt be in Uppsala university library.

Merlijn de Smit