> > Thanks. I have access to both University Library of Amsterdam
> aswell as
> > Uppsala University. They do have loads of related books, but I was
> > looking more for advice in the form of which titles and exactly
> > what they cover. Would be most interested in books on reconstruction
> > of those language families, like Beekes' on IE or Trask's on Basque.
> > Also if someone knows of books dealing with Proto-Semitic that will
> > do instead of AA.
> T. Burrow and M.B. Emeneau "A Dravidian Etymological Dictionary",
> Oxford 1961 is full of material, but not always arranged
> historically. The bibliography of course is dated. They do not
> reconstruct proto-forms in the various entries, but there is a table
> of correspondences. There is probably a lot of research by Indian
> scholars; have you tried searching google.com? Or look for an author
> named (IIRC) Navapillai.
> Roger Mills

Thanks, I did a quick search and there seems to be 2nd edition too, out