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> Torsten:
>Being that socialist theories flourished ten years ago and that you
>were probably 50 then, I can't help but put you in that movement;
>therefore you're probably a commie, so I don't have to listen yo

>You appear to have difficulties with leaps of reasoning. I'm
>currently only 25 years
>old, let alone back then! We're talkin' negative digits here.
>Besides that, you're off
>on a tangent so let's steer back to the matter at hand:

>How might we forget the immense span of time that seperates IE and
>AA? Please answer
>logically and concisely, or surrender honourably.

>- gLeN

You are right, I have always had difficulties with leaps of
reasoning. That's why, whenever I encounter them I try to
play "follow your leader". How could I know that it would take me off
on a tangent?

<explanation of joke>
You claimed Møller was a member of a some movement, without offering
any evidence, and placing him about 30 years wrong.
So I did the same to you, to see how you would react.
</explanation of joke>
Funny, eh?

How might we forget... etc. The way you formulate it, it sounds like
a rhetorical question, which really means: We can't reconstruct
something that is 15,000 years back (but 8,000 is OK). Yes? But what
are your reasons for claiming that? You might do it as a two-stage
process, if you wish.
And since nothing can be reconstructed 15,000 years back, then any
cognates Møller and Cuny might have come up with are wrong, by
definition. Is that it?