> Harald:
> >Ok you convinced me Glen. My question is where can I find information,
> >preferrably books, on reconstructions of Afro-Asiatic, Uralic and
> Dravidian ?
> I would imagine that, unless your local public library is very well
> stocked, your
> best bet would be to go to a university library. Your local university
> surely must have
> resources concerning Uralic and Dravidian. Personally, I've been
> struggling with
> finding relevant information for some years now, which has forced me to
> use heavy
> amounts of extrapolation to push the boundaries of my knowledge (like for
> instance,
> I now have an idea about Proto-Hattic and about what I should find in
> Hattic even though
> I have only seen tidbits here and there - Dangerous? I know. But so far,
> some of my
> ideas have been confirmed... which is tres cool).
> I have recently threatened to buy books online in order to fill in some
> blanks and I have
> my eye on something concerning the Hattic language which is most
> definitely tough to find
> in any library.

Thanks. I have access to both University Library of Amsterdam aswell as
Uppsala University. They do have loads of related books, but I was
looking more for advice in the form of which titles and exactly
what they cover. Would be most interested in books on reconstruction
of those language families, like Beekes' on IE or Trask's on Basque.
Also if someone knows of books dealing with Proto-Semitic that will
do instead of AA.