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Subject: [nostratic] Central Asia 8500 BCE

> What I sent you is all that I could presently gain from the web.
>Perhaps in another month or two there will be more info. I did plug in Caspian and 8500
>BC and what I sent you is what was called up. I think at this point a Univ. library becomes

Well, of course, the university library is the better place to find info over the internet
any day... that is, if your university actually has reasonable funding. Unfortunately,
I've scoured my battered university for everything under the sun and have left completely disappointed and dumbfounded that there could be so little.

Case in point:
To show you the insanity of my university, I went to one of the horrendously outdated
computer terminals with an equally outdated database this week to search for "Anatolia" ...
Nothing! Not one book, yet there _are_ books there somewhere because I've found them.
Even so, they are at least 40 years old and usually a hundred years old.

Another case:
Just this week, I typed in "Hattic"... Nothing. No matter how much I searched
(I tried "Hattic", "Hattian", "Hattite", etc) nothing would pop up. However, there _is_ a
book on Hattic... in German. Silly me, I should have typed in the _German_ word for
Hattic (which is Hattisch) to find the book I was looking for (and even then I wouldn't
find it because I have to type in "Hattisches" as it is presented in the complete title). I had
found this book by pure accident after having given up, searching for something else!
instead. Even still, it was from 1969, not up-to-date and has marginal information.

This is what I have to deal with. Combined with going 45 minutes by bus to the edge of the
city to get there, it's always a roll of the dice whether I find anything worthwhile for the time
expended. We'll see what next week's roll brings.

What I do want to explore (once I get my first paycheck from this new job) is book
purchasing online. I think this might be the most viable way to get in the know. Expensive,
yes, but at least I'll be more in the know.

- gLeN

Sorry to hear that your University library is failing you.  You are aware that the LOC (Library of Congress) is on-line.  As well, so are many of the catelogues at Harvard (accessed through HOLLIS);  likely the same holds true for some of the other major private academic institutions.  Most of the good public institutions like Berkeley and Michigan also have on-line catelogues.  What about Amazon.com?  I know that I found and ordered a text by Anatoli Derev'yanko: The Paleolithic of Siberia.  Hope this helps.