If there are 43 other members on this Nostratic list available to talk to, why is it that Patrick, who is quite definitely the most insane and least knowledgeable (one might almost call him "anti-knowledgeable") of anyone here on this list, is the only one boring us with his anti-everything-but-his-own-pet-theories messages? Danny has recently piped up and this is a good sign that the list might be healing from the previous months of Patrick's endless manure.

Come now, people. Speak! Anyone, and I mean *anyone*, is far better than Patrick with his shame[ful/less] responses. Even if you people feel that you can't contribute, there is still the opportunity of presenting simple, run-of-the-mill questions on Nostratic that could still be beneficial in cultivating a healthy discussion. Speak, you people!

- gLeN

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