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> Hideeho, folks.
> It's gLeNny gEe here...
> Well, let's see. Perhaps I'll be the one to send the first message
> :) First topic might be on how annoying Bomhard's ablaut scheme for
> Nostratic is and how it should be abolished for lack of evidence.
Bomhard often has IE e/o/nothing cooresponding to AA a/schwa. But
already Møller (or was it Cuny) proposed a/schwa for IE, as a more
consistent system (the e/o/nothing ablaut is based on Greek alone).

> Second, we might talk about reducing the overabundant sibilant
> inventory and chucking out some of the fricatives and affricates.
> Let's face it folks, the Nostratic phonological system as it often
> stands is overly extravagant, to say the least.

One thing that strikes me is the abundance of roots differing by
d/l/r/n, as in