At 8:45:43 AM on Sunday, November 7, 2010, Fred and Grace
Hatton wrote:

> Now that we have completed the "prequel" there seems to be
> a whole lot left.

I'm not a Star Wars fan, but I believe that he's now reached
the point at which the original trilogy of movies starts.
As I understand it, the prequel material comes from the
later movies, and possibly to some extent also from the

> It seems a little odd to be giving equal time to Star Wars
> with the Laxdaela Saga. Star Wars is normally easier than
> Laxdaela Saga so it can be justified on that basis, but I
> wondered how others feel about continuing. I'm okay with
> either continuing or dropping it and doing more of the
> real thing.

I'm easy. Trying to sort out the hard bits in Laxdœla is
almost certainly teaching me more, but the Star Wars project
is kind of neat in its own right. (I just wish that I knew
the language and literature well enough to pull off a stunt
like that!)

It's really up to you: you're the one doing the most work.