At 9:44:00 AM on Tuesday, October 5, 2010, Owen wrote:

> Where would I be able to find either cd's or written
> material to help me with the phonetics as I feel I'm not
> properly pronouncing the words that I am reading.

There are actually two systems for pronouncing Old Norse.
Some people use the reconstructed pronunciation, and some
use modern Icelandic pronunciation. An informal description
of both, along with an excellent basic treatment of ON
grammar, can be found in Michael Barnes, _A New Introduction
to Old Norse_, available from the Viking Society for
Northern Research. Similar informal descriptions can be
found more easily at

Wikipedia has a fairly detailed description of modern
Icelandic phonology at
<>. (Don't
worry about the disputed factual accuracy; the concern in
question has nothing to do with the accuracy of the
pronunciations described.)

The standard reconstruction of ON pronunciation is given at
adds an alternative reconstruction of the vowels that is
also historically plausible, especially for later ON. These
pages use SAMPA, an ASCII representation of IPA that's
probably unfamiliar. At
<> you'll find a
lovely multimedia IPA chart that can be switched back and
forth between IPA and SAMPA. X-SAMPA, a unified extension
of the original, is fully described at