Not that I take the subject to be terribly unified or clear-cut to
begin with, but I've always wanted to find a phonology/grammar of
Proto-Norse that had some kind of cohesion and definity. Granted
there are several stages of Proto-Norse (Proto-Norse, Late-Proto-
Norse, and Viking-Age Norse) but the languages seem (as far as I can
tell!!) relatively conservative within any one of these given

So are there any clean, clear grammars for Proto-Norse (or Late-Proto-
Norse or Viking-Age Norse) out there? just something with the
phonology, the attested-morphemes, and additional, RELIABLE
reconstructions to flush out the rest of the paradigm.

Thus far, I've used Gutenbrunner's Historische Laut- und Formenlehre
des Altislaendischen and Krause's Die Sprache der Urnordischen
Runeinschriften. Gutenbrunner seems to be as good as it gets, but
even then, he only gives some of the paradigms and seems to shy away
from reconstructions.


Thanks, Justin (guy who reads all the messages shot back and forth
but almost never posts himself).