Sorry, this might help clear up and aid anyone who wants to read Äldre Västgötalagen. This is the fornsvensk lexicalisk databas, basically Söderwall and Schlyter/Collin's Old Swedish-Modern Swedish dictionaries in one search engine. Look up "hughsa."

llama_nom <600cell@...> wrote:

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the links. Very interesting! I hope you don't mind if I
query something in your introduction:

> Fyrsti war lumbær oc af hanum æru lums lagh calleðþ. Fore þy at han
sighs hawæ huxæt oc gørt mykin loth aff laghum warum. Han war føðær i
wangum oc þær liggær han i enom collæ fore þy at han war heðþen.

> "First was Lumbær (lawman) and Lum's laws are named after him
because he is said to have remembered and composed a large part of our
laws. He was born i Vånga and there he lies buried in a mound because
he was heathen".

I could be mistaken, but I was just wondering whether 'huxæt' might,
in this instance, mean something like "considered, conceived,
contemplated, thought out, devised"? Cf. 'uttänka' among Söderwall's
definitions. Unfortunately the only mention of laws that I could find
in Söderwall's entry for 'hughsa' involves a slightly different
context, where the laws already exist: ok huxsadhe ey sua atuaktelica
the laghin som kallas kirkionna lagh "and did not consider so
carefully the law which is called The Law of the Church" (Heliga
Birgittas uppenbarelser [ http://spraakdata. birg3.html ]).

Meanwhile I look forward to reading the rest.

Lama Nom

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> I know that not everyone is aware of, or has had any experience with
> other dialects of Old Norse, but here is one often neglected Old
> Swedish (Old West-Gautish, to be precise) text, the first extant text
> in Old Swedish.
http://books. books?id= aZgyAAAAIAAJ& printsec= titlepage& dq=editions: 05VFRSSnJBX2k4sx #PPP7
> I have a translated "edition" of the most famous section (found in
> Gordon's "Introduction to Old Norse") of The Older West-Gautish (or
> Geatish) Law on my school webpage. My undergraduate senior thesis was
> a translation, with full introduction, commentary, glossary, and
> bibliography.
> pete2581/ Complete% 20Project% 20(Word%202003) .pdf
> I encourage anyone who has learned a significant amount of Old Norse,
> that is primarily Old Icelandic, to read some texts from other
> dialects, like the one I'm providing above. Also, there is Gutasaga
> and Gutalag for an even more strange East Norse dialect. Let me know
> what you all think. I am a graduate student in Germanic medieval
> studies, and my next major thesis will probably be on a comparison of
> the Older West-Gautish law with Grágás (which is incredibly lengthy)
> by comparison, as well as a significant commentary on pre-Christian
> Scandinavian and Germanic legal tradition. Let me know what you all
> think. Í friði,
> Paul

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