I must admit that I don't understand what Unicode has to do with whether
one can us norse characters in Word under an OSX platform? It sounds like
you are saying that you can't gain access to, for example, þ, ø, or ð?
If so, what have you tried? Have you tried ISO characters, like those
recommended previously (hold down the ALT key and enter at the number pad
0254 and release the ALT key to get a þ)? Have you used, within Word, the
Symbol command within the Insert menu and scanned the characters
available to you? There are many ways of entering characters, in Windows
at least. Also, I'm curious what Digest Number 654 refers to.

What say you my most admirable and excellent Hobbit with the impossible


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Im using OSX and Microsoft Word doesn't support Unicode. How can I still
use norse characters in Word?