For those of you who remember me, I wrote the stories, well the first draft
anyway then things got on top of me and I havn't had the time to re-write
them. If anyone is at all interested in them, unfinnished though they are,
let me know and I will send them to you.

I now come to you with a similar problem. I would like some Old Norse that
I can mutter darkly duging a game I am playing. (If anyone is familiar with
White Wolf, I play a Fenris Theurge) Is there any saga that has a mage (or
anyone else realy)singing to the spirits, asking them to aid him and or
singing their praises.

Anything you know or can find would be much appriciated, or if anyone is
particularly good at making up such things, that would help too.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Bear (Small point of clarification. Is the Old Norse word for bear Beowulf?
I have heard it broken down as Beo, Bee and Wulf, Wolf, making Bee Wolf,
the best description of a bear the Vikings could give. I would be
interested to know the truth.

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