Heill Eysteinn!

> In the case of ON or OI, I go for Modern Icelandic
> pronounciation, because then it's easy to be consistent.
> RP is difficult because the languages are too similar,
> and you constantly forget yourself.

So you would agree that this is a typical problem of Icelanders? I mean,
when I start learning old norse from the start as a german student and want
it to use for, let's say "Asatru" and "Reenactment" purposes, it would be a
good idea for me to use the reconstructed, old pronounciation rather than
the modern icelandic?

Would you disagree?



And never forget that help may come
From the most unlikely of quarters
And success rest upon the shoulders
Of those kept shadowed until the time of need.

-- The Remembrance (Clan Wolf), 222/6,11-14