Sæl öll,

I and Haukur just had a long voice chat with a few members of the
list. Three students came and I hoped they benefitted from our
numerous readings and misreadings (of the reconstructed
pronunciation). Hope they and our future audience understand that
reading a text in one's mother tongue, with a completely different
way of pronouncing everything, is immensely difficult without lapsing
into the modern speech. But it was very useful nonetheless. The
students' attempts we got were also well beyond our expectations, so
we're optimistic.

I hope to have another go at this, with perhaps more people
arriving. You don't really have to have mikes, you can still type
chat msgs; you just need a speaker to be able to hear our readings.

Next voice chat:

Tuesday at 21:00 GMT (2 pm Mountain Time, I *think*)
our log-in = hr_oskar
we'll open a group called norse_course
If you have trouble finding the group, contact hr_oskar and we'll
invite you to it; that's probably the quickest way to enter the group.