Hello list, I just wanted to invite any and all to
join me in discussion of Haukur's Lesson #1 on Yahoo!
Chat this Sunday (12/3/00 Western USA) at 6:00pm/18:00
(Pacific Mountain Time, USA)...I'll temporarily create
a Chat room Called "Old Norse" for those who know how
to join a room...and if you want a shortcut, just
click on the option that allows you to see who's
chatting and look for the name "Maboniii"....the three
"i's" stand for "the 3rd..." so you can remember how
many "i's" to type in.

If someone has a better suggestion, or an alternative
time for a Second chat please let us know. But I'm
eager to hear some of us on the this list put into
practice what we know now and to help us who have a
hard time putting it all together.



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