Easy to arrange. Actually, the real time is excellent.
If you don't have your username on Yahoo chat you
might want to do that.

Just go<A HREF="http://chat.yahoo.com"> here</A> to
scope it out and see for yourself.

I believe Yahoo has a little chat Java applet that
doesn't take anything to download (a few
seconds)...all you have to do is log on, create your
own room from the menu on the lower left hand side and
decide upon a time (GMT?) to meet and look for each
other on the "who's chatting" option, also on the
lower left hand side.

Perhaps a few could meet there at a certain time, and
those of us who missed that session could meet others
who did attend the first discussion would fill the
rest in and so on.

Just an idea to get a verbal communication
going...after all, one of my personal aims is to
eventually be colloquial...my 6 mo. old son is going
to grow up with ON in his head and on his tongue...I
babble from Snorri's Edda from time to time and my
wife is already picking it up! So speaking the
language helps retain it easier!!


--- Haukur Thorgeirsson <falconsword@...>
> Tom wrote:
> > Maybe those of us with microphones should meet on
> > yahoo chat some night in an Old Norse room and go
> > through the pronunciation? (Mics are cheap so go
> out
> > and buy one!)....just a suggestion.
> Interesting idea, Tom. How easy is this to
> arrange? Are there lag problems? Do we need
> to download special software?
> Regards,
> Haukur

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