Thanks so much for this clarification... however I have a further
question. What would one use to greet a group of women, a group of men, or
a mixed group?

Thank you,

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, [iso-8859-1] Óskar Guðlaugsson wrote:


> Of course, the spirit behind a greeting is what matters most; so your
> greeting is well received even though it's incorrect :)
> "Heilsa", however, never was and never has been a traditional
> greeting in any Nordic language, except perhaps in pseudo-ON among
> 20th century American Pagans. Their using it doesn't bother me, and I
> don't want to start an anti heilsa-crusade here; but I'd also (if
> Haukur doesn't disagree) rather not have this a "heilsa" type of ON
> course. Don't worry Wassail, you're not being flamed in any way, I
> just want to use this opportunity now that the course is getting
> started.

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